We offer several service options to meet your ever changing need for employees:

Temporary – Qualified employees are sent to your jobsite to complete short-term or long-term work.  Billing is hourly for temporary employees.

Temporary-to-Hired – Choose employees by interviewing three to five qualified applicants.  Begin using them as temporaries, with hopes of hiring them full-time.  Evaluate employees for 90 days to be certain their personality, punctuality and performance are suitable before adding them to your current staff.  Billing is hourly for Temp-to-Hired employees.

Direct-to-You – Choose a qualified employee, after interviewing several pre-screened applicants.  Hire them directly and place them on your company payroll immediately.  Billing for Direct-to-You employees is a one-time flat fee based on a percentage of the estimated first year’s salary of the employee.

We welcome inquiries and questions regarding our service options.   If you have a unique situation, we will customize a service option to meet your needs.

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